Sub-Grantee Reporting Center


Reporting for LISTOS California are due Fridays by 12 pm.

Please make sure to direct all participants to the IECC Listos Landing page to download the Disaster Ready Guide and other essential resources.

If you distributed the Disaster Ready Guide in person, you must include a list of names with initials of all the individuals who received the guide. Please use the sign-in sheet provided in the Facilitator Folder on Google Drive for this. Adults taking a guide for their families may initial and list the number of individuals (including children) in their households. Please upload this list to the Sign-in Sheets link below.

If Incentives were distributed, please include a spreadsheet of items that were distributed and totals for each item.

All presentation and materials for distribution can be found in the Facilitator Folder on Google Drive.

If you have any questions please email Jessica Barriga at

Masks are Medicine Reporting

Reporting for Masks are Medicine are due Fridays by 5 pm.

End Date: November 30, 2020

The reporting requirements have recently changed for Masks are Medicine. You are now only required to post entries from the Masks are Medicine Health Ambassador Contest. You may find the social media toolkit here (Toolkit). Your weekly posts to social media must include the following:

  • One Health Ambassador Video Submission
  • Two Health Ambassador digital art submissions (this includes graphics and poetry that was submitted)

In you have any questions, please email Brian Romo at